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Why choose a photographic event with Polar Exposures?

The world is full of travel companies and every exciting destination now attracts dedicated Photographic Tours for clients seeking something out of the ordinary. It’s easy to join a tour and visit these places but how do the photo-tours differ? Our photographic trips have one goal that is our absolute priority. To give you, the participant, as many technical skills as possible and have you guided to the prime viewing positions for every photographic opportunity that may arise. Simply put, we excel in providing the most appropriate photographic and location knowledge to ensure you return with an amazing photographic record of the adventure.

Both myself, Earle Bridger and John Rodsted have spent our entire working lives as professional photographers, photo educators and tour guides and have accumulated a formidable number of years (over 75) involved in Photojournalism, Fine Art Photography, Landscape and Wildlife work around the globe. Our unique professional experience will be delivered to you on the trip where our skills and enthusiasm will be tailored to suite any desire of the imagination. Photographs of ice, water and animals in compositions never imagined, to be published, used as home décor, greeting cards, calendars, or simply to evoke a jealous response from your friends!

Imparting our skills and knowledge of photography is what really sets us apart from other photography tours.

My 45 years as a photographer/educator combined with John’s background in commercial photography/photojournalism and his 15 years working as an adventure tour guide in both the Arctic and Antarctic provide us with an intimate insight and understanding of the polar worlds and how to photograph them.

If you want more than to just visit the polar regions, want to understand the history and the ecology, want to dramatically raise your skill level as a photographer and return with unique images then a Polar Exposures Photographic Expedition is for you. 

However, if you are equally happy to make photographs closer to home, contact us for further information about what experiences we can offer in both Brisbane and Melbourne.


What is included in our Polar trips. Photographic lectures and workshops • Full accommodation and food package – Photograph unique Arctic wildlife – polar bears, walrus, reindeer, whales, birds  • Polar desert exploration • Continuous daylight for day and night photography • Tundra Hiking • Zodiac cruising – Blue ice …

Earle Bridger 2018